Good Witch - Season 5 Episode 7

"Good Witch" will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace. When Dr. Sam Radford moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the 'magical' mother-daughter duo.

Genre: Comedy , Drama , Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Director: Sue Tenney

Country: USA , Canada

Episode: 7/76 eps

Duration: 48 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Good Witch
"When Cassandra Nightingale moves into a small town's supposedly \"haunted house\" and opens an aromatherapy shop, she changes the lives of the local residents with her magical ways."
"Middleton's Heritage Festival gets everyone talking; Cassie is back to her bewitching ways as she welcomes a scared young woman to the Grey House but she realizes she's being followed."
"Trouble is brewing after Cassie's mystery guest Ashley goes missing, and another pair of visitors to Middleton shake things up just in time for the town's annual heritage ball."
"Cassie's mischievous cousin Abigail returns to Middleton, forcing Cassie to attempt tough love as Sam and Grace are swept up in Abigail's spell."
"Cassie's magic can't keep her away from Abigail's scheming when the truth becomes too hard to hide and Abigail continues to stir the pot in Middleton."
"Cassie tries to convince Sam to follow her intuition in order to help a young couple survive a blizzard."
"A storm continues to threaten the lives of the people in Middleton and Cassie and Sam work together to help."
"Cassie receives devastating news regarding the future of Bell, Book and Candle; the whole town comes together."
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"No description"
Season 2 - Good Witch
"Cassie and Sam decide to take a step forward, but his pushy ex-wife stalls them at the starting gate. Grace preps for the teenage rite of passage -- her driving test."
"The arrival of a man from Cassie's past may complicate her burgeoning relationship with Sam, but that isn't the only bump in the road - Sam's intrusive ex-wife Linda is still trying to keep Cassie out of the picture in a desperate attempt to repair their fractured family."
"As Cassie's old friend John attempts to unearth their shared college memories, the Good Witch receives another visitor from her past when Ryan returns to Middleton seeking closure."
"Cassie can't help but feel upset after Grace admits she's been spending more time with Sam to replace the hurt she feels from the loss of her own late father."
"Cassie is surprised with adventurous outings by both Sam and John as she works on sorting out her conflicted feelings."
"Cassie could be ready to take a chance on her feelings for Sam. Grace goes on a magical mission to fix a broken confidence."
"Cassie decides to host a surprise party for Martha, but after she enlists the help of Stephanie and Abigail, she finds out her secret might not be kept."
"Cassie attempts to work her magic to help Sam make a difficult decision and is suddenly faced with a difficult choice of her own."
"Just as Cassie begins to move in a new direction with Sam, Middleton\u2019s annual Lights Festival brings illuminating changes."
"After Cassie reaches a decision about her future, Middleton needs a touch of her magic when the Lights Festival threatens to go dark."
Season 3 - Good Witch
"No description"
"The whole town anxiously awaits the impending blooming of the Middleton Merriwick, but when the plant is cut, it has dramatic impact upon the Merriwick women. Grace begins to suspect Nick is going to ask her out."
"The Middleton Merriwick is still not in bloom, and the effects are being felt around town. An old friend and colleague of Abigail\u2019s checks into Grey House claiming to want a relationship. With help from Cassie, Ben stumbles upon the old Middleton Theater and is motivated to get the place running again."
"Two guests at Grey House are immediately at odds, so Cassie uses her magic to bring them together. Sam tries to plan the perfect date for Cassie, but various nuisances keep getting in the way."
"Cassie helps Ben find an old romantic film to showcase at the refurbished Middleton Theater's opening night. Martha's promises to the town are in jeopardy when she overextends herself with the Middleton budget."
"A visiting chef can't relax, so she follows Cassie's advice and spends a day stirring a recipe in order to quiet her mind. Grace is presented with the Merriwick Wish Book for her birthday and is encouraged to make an entry."
"Abigail, jealous of all the attention Cassie gets from helping her customers, decides to sell \u201cspecial\u201d Venezuelan chocolates at her flower shop."
"Cassie gives a withdrawn traveling artist a new paintbrush and invites him to stay at Grey House, then she arranges for her and Sam to organize the Tri-Cities Healthfest, something that Cassie usually does by herself."
"Cassie decides to plan a surprise party for Sam to celebrate the anniversary of his move to Middleton."
"Sam's sister shows up for an unexpected visit and he is very happy to see her, though she does not seem like herself\u2026"
"After learning that Sam doesn't plan on getting married again, Cassie goes to Chicago to clear her head. Michael and Vanessa get fed up with their mothers while planning the wedding."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 4 - Good Witch
"No description"
"Cassie gives those around her pieces of jewelry that magically turn out to be just the thing each needed. Abigail helps Sam search for the perfect engagement ring for Cassie -- a legendary Merriwick heirloom thought to be lost forever."
"An unpublished song written by a past guest at Grey House magically spreads throughout the town, hightening the emotions of those who hear it. Affecting each in a different way, Cassie and Sam learn to communicate about their future together."
"Abigail\u2019s father comes to Middleton in hopes of making amends. Cassie helps an expecting couple accept how different their lives, and family, will be once the baby comes. Grace is forced to think about her future and what path she'll follow as she realizes her affinity for math might not be a passion."
"Cassie, Sam, Nick and Grace \u201cplay house\u201d as they spend a night away at the family lake house. Hoping to bring everyone together, Cassie faces a few obstacles before they start acting like a family again."
"Grace finds herself under the spell of Elizabeth Merriwick after Cassie discovers an old trunk filled with her vintage clothing. Inspired by its history, and tapping into her Merriwick heritage, Grace finds a passion for storytelling. Meanwhile, Cassie helps a mother and daughter reconnect over their past at Grey House."
"A secretive dating app developer on the verge of a breakthrough checks in at Grey House, capturing the entire town's interest-- especially Abigail's. Cassie and Sam play detective matchmaker to ensure a perfect couple used for app research find each other."
"Cassie has to confront what \"'til death do us part\" means for her relationship as Sam travels to South America as additional medical aid during a tragic time. Grace digs up some of Middleton's earliest history while revising the town's website, and Abigial shares the same history with her budding romance, Phil."
"Cassie sets out to track down Elizibeth Merriwick's original wedding dress, learning a bit from every woman who wore it. Grace and Noah hit a snag in their relationship as Abigail and Phil start to ramp up theirs, leading to a potential future where Phil makes Middleton his home."
"Grace, in a true Middleton tradition, enlists the help of the town in making a magical quilt that's said to grant the wishes of the recipient-- and seemingly all that contribute to it. Cassie and Sam learn even more about each other as secrets are revealed at their bachelor\/ette parties-- with a special Middleton twist!"
"After a series of unfortunate events, Sam and Cassie have to accept that their wedding might not be as perfect as planned. In light of her almost-romance with Phil, Abigail's quest to put down roots lands her a new job-- the Mayor of Middleton."
"No description"
Season 5 - Good Witch
"Cassie and Sam\u2019s wedding is just days away and as the town of Middleton prepares for this highly anticipated event, Grace is troubled when wedding related hiccups keep occurring. Abigail opens up to the idea of handing her mayor responsibilities over to Martha, but a handsome stranger puts a wrench in her plans. Meanwhile, Stephanie finds herself smitten."
"Cassie and Sam\u2019s wedding day has arrived and Sam doubles his efforts to find the Forever Tree. He gets a magical assist from Grace, who\u2019s nostalgic for her late father. Mayor Abigail makes a surprising ally while Martha finds a new passion. Nick takes a step toward finding his calling."
"While honeymooning, Cassie and Sam help a new friend reconcile with her brother. Grace attempts to speed up time after a break-up. Sparks fly between Abigail and Blairsville\u2019s mayor. Martha freezes at her TV audition. Nick ghost hunts at Grey House with a friend, who\u2019s looking for more than spirits."
"Cassie hosts a guest with a surprising secret. Sam\u2019s visiting friend needs medical expertise but the cure may lie in Cassie\u2019s intuition. Grace interns for Martha at City Hall and faces competition from a fellow intern. Martha prepares the first episode of her show, and Stephanie considers her romantic options."
"Cassie uses her enchanting powers \u2014 and tea \u2014 to help Abigail open up to Donovan. Mayor Martha critiques an artist painting her portrait. Sam\u2019s new resident needs a lesson in bedside manner. Grace is disappointed after being rejected by her top college choice, while Nick\u2019s confidence wavers after his acceptance."
"Cassie\u2019s being honored by her alma mater and visits with Grace, who\u2019s considering enrolling. Grace bonds with her weekend host, while Cassie reconnects with her college friend. Needing a break from Donovan, Abigail joins. At Grey House, Sam tries to channel Cassie while helping his father-son guests communicate better."
"Cassie and Sam welcome the Tinsdales at Grey House but a friendly game highlights how much the newlyweds still don\u2019t know about each other. Grace dates her fellow intern, who has ulterior motives. Abigail meets Donovan\u2019s mother, who believes a curse should keep them apart."
"Cassie encourages Sam to look for mysteries to unlock as Martha unearths a long-lost town charter and treasure map. Vincent searches for the treasure but he faces competition. Grace is hurt when she learns what Luke\u2019s been up to. Abigail reassesses her relationship with Donovan."
"Middleton prepares to wish upon Posner\u2019s Comet but Cassie worries wishing won\u2019t help when Sam\u2019s offered a dream job across the country. Grace prepares her valedictorian speech, while Nick becomes nostalgic. Abigail plans a trip to forget about Donovan, who tries to win her back."
"Cassie and Sam prepare to send Grace and Nick to college, but Nick\u2019s mom worries about his move. Grace uncovers her true passion. A curse may keep Abigail from reciprocating Donovan\u2019s feelings. The hunt for Middleton\u2019s treasure leads Sam and Martha to a surprising discovery."
Season 6 - Good Witch
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Season 7 - Good Witch
16 May 2021
"The curse has been broken! New romances, rekindled loves and weddings may be brewing in Middleton. Will Adam return and finish what he started with Stephanie? Does Joy and Carter spell doom..."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
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"No description"
27 Jun 2021
"As the Merriwicks delve into the images on Joy's vision board, Cassie accompanies Sam on a trip to his childhood home to care for his sister."
"No description"
18 Jul 2021
"The pressure is on because strange things start happening to Cassie, Abigail and Joy's abilities."
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